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Our FAQs


Are you on the corner of High Street and Red Canyon Road?

No, we are NOT the business on the corner. That is a different company and we are not affiliated with them. We are further down Red Canyon Road, right next to the Royal Gorge Gun Club entrance.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We currently deliver Monday through Friday. Call us to find out about our current availability.

How much notice do you need for a delivery?

Typically at least a few days notice. During our busy season (Spring/Summer), our schedule fills up fast, up to a two week notice may be necessary.

Do you have a minimum amount you'll deliver?

No, we can deliver as little or as much as you'd like! We do ask that if you're needing a large quantity (15 tons +), you give us some notice so that we make sure we have enough available for you!

Do I have to make an appointment to come in and get loaded?

Never! You can just come on in and we'll take care of you!

Do you have someone there that can load me?

Yes, we always have someone here who can load you.

Do you deliver outside of Canon City?

Yes, we deliver all over Fremont County and outside of it as well. Call and ask us about our delivery prices.

How do I figure out how much material I need?

First thing you need to do is measure the area you're wanting to cover. Take the length and multiply it by the width to get your square footage. Then you can call us with your square footage, and we can help you from there!

How much clearance do your trucks need?

To dump, there cannot be ANY kind of branches or wires hanging down that would get in the way. Our trucks need at least 12 feet (wide) of clearance to fit through any gates, alleyways, etc.

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